Welcome to Flickamo - the first online movie pool!

Flickamo takes all aspect of a fantasy sports league, but puts a movie spin on things!  Your job: pick 10 movies that will make the most money at the North American Box Office this year. If your team makes more money than other teams in your league, you win! It’s that easy.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or a movie buff with experience at predicting box office results, we have a game that is right for you.  There are different styles of games to choose from, including the on-going weekly challenge that will allow you to compete against your rivals.  Play the entire calendar year, or just a single season - customise your game play and maximise your fun!

In this tour, we'll explain how you can setup your own league, how to draft movies and tell you about the fine prints of the Flickamo rules. In minutes, you'll be picking your blockbuster team and competing against your friends.  With Flickamo you will finally be able to prove who the real movie expert is!