Introducing Flickamo – the first online movie pool! 

Addicted to movies? Claiming to be a movie buff? Here’s your chance to prove it!

Flickamo takes all the aspects of a fantasy sports league, but puts a movie spin on it. Your job: to pick the 10 movies that will make the most money at the Box Office this year. If your team makes the most money, you win it all. It’s that easy!

Flickamo will introduce you to a new and exciting way to experience movies.  So go ahead – in minutes, you can set up a league, compete against your friends and start picking your blockbuster team. Finally, definitive proof on who the real movie connoisseur is!

Here are the rules of the game:

A League: is a group of 1 to 12 teams, competing for a winner. It’s simple: the team with the highest cumulative box office at the end of the year wins.

The Year: is a calendar year and it includes all movies released during that calendar year. However, to be fair to movies coming out in December, your grand total will include the box office gross until the end of February for the next year. This way, you can still go for that blockbuster Christmas movie or go for the indie movie with the ‘Oscar Buzz’. The official end date for any league is March 1st. Leagues for a particular year can be started at any point from November of the previous year up until October of the current year.

A Team: is drafted by each player at the beginning of the league. Each team must have exactly 10 movies and a league cannot start before all teams in the league have been fully drafted, unless the admin of your league decided to start the league anyway.

Movies: must be released within the calendar year of the league. So beware! If your movie is postponed until the next year, you will get no money for that movie. If your leagues start mid-year, you do have the option of choosing a movie that has already been released, but expect to pay a premium price for it!

The Draft: is dependent on the level of difficulty of the league. There are three levels:

Beginner: players pick their 10 movies from straight-forward dropdown boxes. These boxes have been organized, based on the box office gross that our experts expect them to perform. Are you better than our experts? Here’s your chance to show off your skill!

Intermediate: allows each player to pick 10 movies from all movies listed in our release schedule*. Each movie comes at a price, based on the expected box office gross. You only have $200 to spend, so spend it wisely!

Advanced: gives the players the biggest amount of freedom. Any 10 movies can be picked, giving the players the option of organizing their own draft, provided that there are no duplicates between teams. You can find suggested ways to organize the draft auction in the FAQ section. 

Advanced Level also offers you the option of playing a Snake Draft. Now it’s up to you to rank all of the year’s movies by expected gross. Save your list and let our Snake Draft system choose your movies for you.


Once the teams have been drafted, the administrator of the league will officially start the league. From here on, you will receive automated rankings, news and personalized Power Rankings, predicting the end result of your draft. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

If you chose to include the Weekly Challenges, each player can score additional points by participating in our weekly quiz. This quiz is a fun multiple choice question, regarding ANYTHING movie-related: predict the opening weekend gross of a movie, the Rotten-Tomatoes rating a movie will get, or even head-to-head movie showdowns! Participating is easy: just answer the question posted on the front page by Friday. If you answered correctly, you’ll earn additional dollars that will be added to your grand total.


For more detailed information about any of these concepts, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions

Happy playing!


* If you think a movie is missing from our release schedule, let us know by emailing and we will consider adding it.