Question: How long does a league run?
Answer: Your league runs from the date it is activated until the end of February of the next year (to accommodate December releases). Please note, only movies that came out during the calendar year are considered.  


Question: When can I start new leagues?
Answer: You can start a new league at any point during a calendar year, right up until October 31. Any leagues started on or after November 1 will automatically look at the next year.


Question: Where can I find a list of all movies?
Answer: You can find a list of all movies in the active year here: Current Movie List


Question: What happens with movies postponed to the next year?
Answer: In short, you are SOL. You will not accumulate box office dollars unless the movie is released during that league year and the movie will continue to count as a movie on your roster.


Question: How much money is to be made in the weekly challenges?
Answer: A correct answer will add $5m to your grand total. A wrong answer will get you $1m.


Question: I just started a league, but my weekly challenges aren't calculating, why?
Answer: If your league was started during a question period (Tuesday - Friday), that question period will not be calculated, even though you will be able to answer.


Question: How do you determine the category (beginner league) or bid (intermediate league)?
Answer: They are determined by expected gross and release date.  


Question: What happens if the expected gross of a movie changes?
Answer: This may impact the category and bid for the movie. But it will only change for leagues that are started after the updated expected gross has become active. Leagues that are still in the 'select movies' phase will continue to look at the snapshot that was taken when the league was created by the admin.


Question: Snapshot? What?
Answer: When a league is created, all the categories and bid amounts are frozen. So even if a movie has a dramatic shift in expected gross right after, you will continue to see the 'old' information. This way, we assure that all invitees to that particular league will always be looking at the same information. Please be aware that this is true for release date as well -- so there might be an off-chance situation where a movie that is already postponed to next year is still available to pick, leaving you with a dud that will get you no money. So always do your research before submitting your team!


Question: Wouldn't I just wait until the very last second to pick my team?
Answer: You could do this, but in most cases, you get very little rewards for doing this. In the end it will only frustrate your league admin to a point where they might just decide to start the league without your full roster.



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