Weekend Review: It is a weekend of enormity!

by Bunzi on Monday, May 27, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 was actually way faster and significantly more furious!  It annihilated the rest of the field with a $98.5 million 3-day weekend, and it is expected that it will make another $20 million on the holiday Monday.  It’s a bona fide hit and now looks like Vin Diesel and company will make in the ball-park of $250-275 million before it is all over.

As you are aware, Flickamo is all about the box-office dollars, but as a movie lover, I cannot help to mention that this is a movie you should definitely go see for yourself.  Stop reading this right now, drag your sorry ass to the theatre, get an oversized bag of popcorn and enjoy a heart thumping thrill ride like you haven’t seen before.  Rare is a film franchise that will continue to become more popular and make more money as it pumps out sequels, but in this its 6th installment, Fast and Furious just produced its biggest movie of the series.  So confident are the producers that the next movie is already slated for 2014, and the filming begins in the next several days in Los Angeles.  Enough about that – it is time to enjoy your box office plunder! Cheers!

The Hangover Part III finished in second place, but that background noise you hear is a murmur of disappointments!  The $42 million opening is much lower than even the Flickamo experts had predicted, and the devastating reviews have ravaged this tired franchise that has gone to the same exhausted formula once too many times.  Generally summer hits tend to triple their opening weekend, but it says here that Hangover will barely putter over $100 million, if it even manages to get there.  Not what you had hoped for at all, when you spent the money to add this to your roster.

Star Trek finished in 3rd place with a very nice hold of $38 million, and it looks like the mark of $200 million remains a certainty.  Not sure it has the ability to get any higher than this plateau, but it remains a solid tent-pole pick for any owner.  Fourth place belongs to another new opening Epic.  The $34 million opening is nothing to scoff at, though you might have hoped for better reviews from critics.  The film has been received with a shoulder shrug, though nobody has said the film is horrible.  I believe the visuals alone will allow this movie to carry into the quadruple opening weekend values, and the mark of $120-130 million is all but a guarantee, particularly because it gets no completion for several weeks.

Iron Man 3 remains in the top 5 with another $19 weekend, but enough has already been written about the man in metal undies.  We all know this will be the top 3 movies of the year, so let’s just move on to the rest of the field.  Gatsby kicks even more ass with an additional $13 million to its booty, and it’s going to make well over $130 million.  The rest of the top 10 becomes a sad picture, as Mud, 42, The Croods and Oblivion each fought to scrape up $1 million or so.