Weekend Review: Fast 6 Wins Again

by Bunzi on Monday, June 3, 2013

UPDATE 2: It now looks like Fast and Furious 6 will only make $35 million for the weekend.  That's a greater drop than originally anticipated, but it still means the film will easily win the weekend.  Players with this movie are now looking at roughly a $250 million final, and while FF6 should level off in its third weekend, dreams of $275 million are long gone.

As far as the race for second, we said it, and it happened – Now You See Me beat After Earth.  The magicians made over $29 million appear, which was bad news for the Smiths as the father and son duo only brought in $27.5 million.  Star Trek into Darkness ($16.8 million) and Epic ($16.6 million) rounded out the top five. 

UPDATE 1: Looks like Fast 6 just barely took Friday ahead of Now You See Me! While I still think FF6 will win the weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if Now You See Me finished in the high $20 million range.  The buzz has been good among viewers which could result in an excellent final number.  After Earth looks to finish third, but it’s still early.  Kind of an exciting shuffle among the top 3, will update you as we hear more.

EARLY LOOK: Haven't we been warning you about the performance of After Earth? Didn't we tell you that Fast and Furious 6 will easily win the weekend? The early Fast 6 numbers are telling us Vin Diesel and company will finish in the high $30 millions and that is still after a considerable weekend-to-weekend drop. In my view the drop will level off next weekend, as there truly is no competition until Man of Steel flies onto the screens. Look for 3 weekend wins in a row, and a leisurely stroll past $250 million.

Something just doesn't sit well with me when it comes to Will Smith lately. I didn't like that he refused the Django Unchained role because Tarantino (an Oscar winning writer) would not re-write the script for him. Now it looks like he's filmed an infomercial for his son and called it After Earth. Word says the movie is horrible, and movie-goers aren’t buying.  It’s trending to a mid $20 million number and I don’t think it will see an $80M total.

It's not killing the box office or anything, but Now You See Me is doing well. It looks like $20-something million for the weekend, but I really do hope it takes second place ahead of After Earth. I had a chance to see the film myself, and though they lost me a bit with over-the-top and unnecessary magic acts, the movie is a summer entertainer. It's on its way to $70 million.

Hangover and Epic will most likely round the top 5, but stay tuned for more updates.