Weekend Review: Buzz!

by Bunzi on Monday, January 7, 2013

This is the kind of quiet weekend that Flickamo poolies should really be excited about.  A forgotten 3D horror takes the weekend, and five movies make over $10 million (and Jack Reacher wasn’t far behind).  More importantly the drop-offs from the previous weekend were quite small and if this is any indication, we might have a lucrative January for any player trying to finish 2012 strong or get a fast start to 2013! 

I remember a time when January was a month you wanted to avoid as a poolie.  People had spent too much money on holiday gifts and fancy New Years attire, bought too much booze and copious amounts of food, and could no longer afford to spend any more money at the box office.  Except, you need to do something other than sleep and work.  As a result, along came movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop and The Book of Eli, and were cracking astronomical numbers and showed everyone that January movies were not to be overlooked.

By no means does a $23 million total for Texas Chainsaw 3D mean we should call our families and friends to share our joy, but this is a movie that the Flickamo experts had pegged for a $2 pick in the late rounds, and only if you were desperate.  Now this movie looks like a sure $45 million draw, and if you have a back of your roster filled with such guarantees, you will genuinely compete for the podium.  I know it’s only January, but don’t take this lightly.  Two dollar picks that bring in anything close to $50 million will have you competing!

For those of you that are still totalling your rosters from 2012, Django was a great pick, wasn’t it?  I think this film still has a ton left, and it will easily be Tarantino’s highest money maker, despite the fact that the opening weekend didn’t indicate as much.  Django will finish north of Inglorious Basterds, as there are still a lot of folks that have yet to see it.  Also, expect a bit of noise around award times, as certain performances in this film are certain to get some well deserved attention (excluding Tarantino’s own).

 I’m not sure how The Hobbit is doing it, but it will make its $300 million.  And so will the sequel, but my goodness is it ever boring to talk about this film.  Remember what I told you – do not see it in High Frame Rate!  Les Miserables is also a real player, and it will inevitably compete with Django to see which one of them will finish with more money in the end.  Right now, Les Mis trails by about $3 million, but this could all change the closer we get to the Oscars.  

Check your schedule folks, we have some great movies coming up in the next few weeks.  I’m really excited about Gangster Squad and Zero Dark Thirty, and it says here these will be the first hits of 2013.  Competition isn’t far though as Broken City opens the weekend following and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter the weekend after that.  It’s gonna get warm this January people, and you don’t need to book a flight to the Caribbean to feel the heat.