Weekend Preview: Transforming

by The Commish on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We are descending on special times friends.  We have a release of a Transformers movie, which in the past would mean a $100 million opening, but this weekend we are predicting something significantly less.  Sure, there will be Mark Wahlberg, loud bangs, and horrible reviews, but something seems off.  What was once a sure-thing to hit $300 million now seems destined to miss $200 million.  Look for Cars 3 to drop a spot and Wonder Woman to continue its majestic box office fortunes.

1. Transformers 5 $45 million – expect it to bring in $25-30 million over the Wednesday and Thursday, but a 16 RT score is just too horrible to justify a final tally near $200 million.  Look for a final around $175 million.

2. Cars 3 $29.5 million – it will be over $100 million after the weekend, but probably $10-15 million short of Cars 2, this could finish below Get Out in the year-end results.

3. Wonder Woman $$26.5 million – it will beat BvS, the only question now is, by how much?

4. All Eyez on Me $11.5 million – expect a decent drop, but should still finish its run in the $60-70 million range.

5. The Mummy $7.5 million – at least it will finish ahead of Alien: Covenant and not be the worst disaster this summer season.

6. 47 Meters Down $5.5 million – will finish around $30 million out of a throw-away shark movie, imagine what Meg is going to do next year.

7. Pirates 5 $5 million - $160 on its way to $175.

8. Rough Night $4.5 million – completely droppable in all formats.

9. Captain Underpants $4 million – a nice result for what it is.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 $3.5 million – will Wonder Woman be able to pass it?