Weekend Preview: Superman

by The Commish on Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel opens today and reviews have been average (55 Meta / 59 RT).  In fact, there are only a couple of reviews who say it’s bad.  Most just say its fine.  Loud and fine.  Not exactly what we were looking for.  But that’s the critics, the real question is – will it make money at the box office?  The answer is yes.  We just need to temper our expectations. 

Visions of $120+ million opening should be forgotten and replaced with a nice safe number around $100 million.  Remember when $100 million was a great opening?  Well, when a movie opens on 4,200+ screens and is about a beloved superhero, we actually expect more.  It’s up to the audience whether return business will make Superman a good pick or an average pick for your box office pool.  A couple of bad review I can deal with, 75% of the reviews saying its fine, mean there won’t be many second viewings.  Superman will fly from the theaters in August with a total just over or under $300 million; respectable sure, but just not super.

This is the End opened on Wednesday to good reviews (67 Meta / 83 RT).  It was rewarded with over $7 million in its first night and should have a decent weekend of just over $20 million ($33 million 5-day).  I think there’s a chance this catches on and I like its chances of flirting with $75 million. 

June 14-16 Top Ten:
1. Man of Steel $104 million
2. This is the End $22.8 million
3. The Purge $ 12.5 million
4. Now You See Me $10.5 million
5. Fast and Furious 6 $9.5 million
6. The Internship $8 million
7. Epic $7 million
8. Star Trek into Darkness $5 million
9. After Earth $4.5 million
10. Iron Man 3 $3 million