Weekend Preview - Ready!

by The Commish on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

This weekend starts a day early as Ready Player one gets a jump on the Easter weekend.  Look for Spielberg’s latest to easily take the top spot, while Pacific Rim, Acrimony and Black Panther fight for the final two podium spots.

1. Ready Player One $45 million – it’s a fun popcorn flick.  The kind that used to only come out in the summer.  While it may be a tad bit long, sit back and enjoy the wild ride.
2. Pacific Rim $12 million – look for a decent drop, but a $47 million total by the end of Sunday.
3. Acrimony $11 million – might have the legs to hit $30 million.
4. Black Panther $10 million – still looking like $675 million is the final tally.
5. I Can Only Imagine $9 million – may finish the year as a top 40 movie!
6. Tomb Raider $6 million – will probably end around $60 million.
7. God’s Not Dead 3 $5.5 million – will the Christian crowd come out on Easter?
8. Paul, Apostle of Christ $5 million – ditto?
9. A Wrinkle in Time $4.5 million – sure looks like $92 million will be the final resting spot.
10. Love, Simon $4 million