Weekend Preview - The Mummy

by The Commish on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Look for Wonder Woman to keep the top spot at the box office this weekend.  Reviews for The Mummy have not been kind, but it will finish in second place.  Captain Underpants will hold off It Comes at Night for third spot.

1. Wonder Woman $55 million – look for it to pass $200 million by Monday on its way to $300.

2. The Mummy $36.5 million – a 24 RT rating is not going to help with repeat views, this will have a tough time making $100 million.

3. Captain Underpants $14.5 million – with Cars 3 on the horizon, it looks like CU won’t make $100 million for its run.

4. It Comes at Night $10.5 million – reviews have been great, it looks legitimately scary, this could be your horror breakthrough hit.

5. Pirates 5 $10 million - $135 million after 17 days, that’s only $185 million behind the pace of Dead Man’s Chest.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 $5 million – still looks like its headed for a $380 million final.

7. Baywatch $4 million – we’ve said it before, but this is performing a lot like Neighbors 2.

8. Megan Leavey $3.5 million – this looks great, just too many other options.

9. Everything, Everything $2 million – will finish in the top 90 for the year, that’s something.

10. Alien: Covenant $1.5 million – looks like $80 million is now unattainable.