Weekend Preview - Labor Day

by The Commish on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

After a bit of a break we are back with your latest weekend predictions.  Look for Don’t Breathe to continue in the top spot this weekend and Suicide Squad to remain in second.  Of the new releases Morgan looks slightly more appealing that Oceans and should finish in third.

1. Don’t Breathe $16.5 million – if it isn’t picked up in your league, please do so, we’re talking about a possible top 40 movie.

2. Suicide Squad $9.5 million – for the first time since May we will not have two movies making eight digits; must be Labor Day.

3. Morgan $8 million – chances are very good I never see either of the new releases this weekend.

4. Kubo $7 million – just chugging along

5. Pete’s Dragon $6.5 million – still a little disappointed with the total result from this Disney pic.

6. Light Between Oceans $6 million – good times

7. Sausage Party $5.5 million – is going to finish 25% higher than Alice 2!

8. War Dogs $5 million – decent enough result.

9. Bad Moms $4.5 million – has an outside chance at making the top 10 for the summer, outside chance.

10. Secret Life of Pets $3.5 million – why not?