Weekend Preview: Kick-Ass butler jobs!

by The Commish on Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flickamo’s predicted top 10 for August 16-18.

1. Kick-Ass 2: $20 million opening, but I just don’t get the appeal.  The first one was whatever, expect much from the second.  It’s getting horrible reviews (34 RT).  This will be 1 weekend and done.  Look for a total less than $50 million.

2. We’re the Millers: $18 million on its way to $100.

3. Lee Daniel’s The Butler: $16 million opening and it will have great return business.  It’s getting very good reviews (80 RT) and has the acting talent and story to stay relevant.  Look for a total between $60 and $80 million.

4. Elysium: $14 million and dropping fast.

5. Planes: $12 million

6. Paranoia: $10.5 million opening for the poorly-reviewed thriller.  I can’t see much interest being generated for this movie.  It will be lucky to have a total north of $25 million.

7. Percy Jackson 2: $7.5 million

8. Jobs: $6.8 million for another badly reviewed movie.  These are truly the dog days of summer.  Look for a final total in the $18 million range.

9. 2 Guns: $6 million

10. The Smurfs 2: $5.5 million