Weekend Preview: Justice

by The Commish on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Here comes the Justice League.  Currently its outselling Wonder Woman, unfortunately reviews have been held (never a good sign), so we’ll have to temper our expectations for a decent multiplier.  Look for Thor to finish in second and Murder on the Orient Express to squeak into third.

1. Justice League $118 million – it’s crazy to talk about a $118 million opening as being a disappointment, but a movie like this should be opening in the $150 million range.  Even after the success of Wonder Woman, I doubt this will reach the heights of BvS.  Look for a final around $315 million.

2. Thor 3 $30 million – it’s just so much fun I don’t expect JL to cut into its box office too much.  Should be just shy of $260 million after this weekend.

3. Murder on the Orient Express $16 million – a super hold could lead to this flirting with $100 million.

4. Daddy’s Home 2 $15 million – despite the horrible reviews, should still pull in decent box office returns.

5. The Star $13 million – the marketing push has definitely been lacking and with Coco on the horizon, the outlook is bleak for this Christmas story.

6. Wonder $12 million – not a dry eye in the partially-filled house.

7. A Bad Mom’s Christmas $6.5 million

8. Jigsaw $1.6 million