Weekend Preview - Jumanji Again

by The Commish on Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our first long-weekend of the year is dominated by four new releases, a couple of box office juggernauts, and some award darlings.  Look for Jumanji to again finish in first place.  New comer Paddington 2 will finish in second and The Last Jedi will continue to have a place on the podium. (3-Day)

1. Jumanji $23 million – certainly looks like it will make a serious run at the year’s top 5.

2. Paddington 2 $17 million – will probably make the same amount as Paddington.

3. The Last Jedi $13 million – on its way to $625 million.

4. The Post $12.5 million – I think the GG shutout hurts the overall box office predictions, not convinced this makes $40 million.

5. Insidious 4 $11 million – the first must-own movie of the year, remember to spend just enough for a $65 million.

6. Proud Mary $10.5 million – I have no idea what to make of this, could be a sleeper, could make $15 million total, I’m most interested in what happens with this movie.

7. The Commuter $10 million – bombs away.

8. The Greatest Showman $9.5 million – looking more and more like a $130 million total for showman.

9. Pitch Perfect 3 $5 million

10. The Darkest Hour $4 million