Weekend Preview: The End

by The Commish on Thursday, August 29, 2013

The end of the summer is upon us with Labor Day a short 4 days away.  Studios have one last chance to release a summer hit and we get One Direction and Ethan Hawke.  The One Direction movie is coming about 14 months too late, even my niece who loved them a year ago (I’ve got the screen captures of her FB account to prove it) has zero interest in Harry and the boys, for some reason I think this will come way under the studios hopes.  This leaves us with Ethan Hawke.  Ethan starred in The Purge earlier this summer which turned into a great late round pick for all Flickamo office pools.  But I have significantly less hope for Getaway.

Here’s your top 10, 3-day weekend:

1. One Direction: This is Us $14 million, on its way to a $26 million total
2. The Butler $13.5 million
3. We’re the Millers $10 million
4. Getaway $8 million, on its way to an $18 million total
5. Planes $7.5 million
6. The World’s End $6 million
7. Mortal Instruments $5.5 million
8. Elysium $4 million
9. You’re Next $3.5 million
10. Blue Jasmine $3 million