Weekend Preview - DM3

by The Commish on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In a summer of disappointment at the box office, its nice to see that we are starting off the second half with a sure-fire, can’t-miss hit.  Despicable Me 3 hits theaters this weekend and should easily take first place with a debut around $100 million.  Look for The House to battle Transformers 5 for second place with an outside chance of Baby Driver surprising all of us and zooming onto the podium.

1. Despicable Me 3 $98.5 million – reviews are good, scoring 81 on RT, but while they are positive, they have a similar theme – the movie is good, but not to the standard of the previous instalments.  While we think that DM3 will open better than the previous movies, we doubt it will match the high box office mark that was set by DM2.  Look for a final box office total around $300 million.

2. The House $23.5 million – this summer has been a dud for comedies with Baywatch leading the pack with $56 million.  Look for The House to change that, while reviews are not in (bad sign) it does have the long weekend and a couple of bona fide comedy stars to rely on.  It will be in tight against T5 for second place, but we expect it to finish in muscle out the machines for the silver and eventually end its run around $75 million.

3. Transformers 5 $20 million – while it should be north of $100 million after the weekend, this will struggle to make it to $150 million, a bid disappointment for all Flickamo teams that drafted this early.

4. Baby Driver $16.5 million – opening on Wednesday hurts its chances of breaking into the podium this weekend, but we expect big things from Baby.  Reviews have been super and while there is a great chance it’s basically Drive 2 at the box office, we’re a little more optimistic and think there’s a good chance this finishes around $60-70 million.

5. Wonder Woman $14 million – it will be hovering around $350 million after the long weekend, which means it definitely has a shot at being the top movie for the summer.

6. Cars 3 $12 million – a disappointment all around.

7. 47 Meters Down $4 million – will finish in the top 100 for the year, not bad for a movie that we didn’t have in our top 130 in January.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 $3 million – and thus ends the saga of Captain Jack.

9. Rough Night $3 million – don’t look now, but this might stagger to $28 million.

10. The Mummy $2.5 million – probably not going to make $80 million.