Weekend Preview - Christmas

by The Commish on Thursday, December 21, 2017

It’s a Christmas long weekend and Star Wars will take the top spot again. Look for a final 3-day weekend of $100ish million.  Jumanji will take second place with the Bellas from Pitch Perfect 3 rounding out the podium.

1. The Last Jedi $98 million – should be around $390 million by the end of its 10th day, about 30% behind Force Awakens.
2. Jumanji $35 million – it’s a marathon not a sprint for this holiday movie.
3. Pitch Perfect 3 $26 million – we still have high hopes for the Bellas this holiday season.
4. The Greatest Showman $14 million – this could be a slow and profitable build.
5. Downsizing $11 million – hoping it doesn’t get lost with all the award options and blockbusters.
6. Father Figures $9 million – another new option.
7. Ferdinand $8 million – it really needs to have excellent drops or the bull story will be a major disappointment.
8. Coco $6 million – I think that visions of $200 million are no longer dancing in their heads.
9. Wonder $3.5 million – will start to drop faster now with multiple options in theaters.
10. The Darkest Hour $3 million