Weekend Preview - Black Panther Again

by The Commish on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Black Panther’s reign at the box office will continue this weekend as two newcomers have no chance of dethroning the champ.  Look for Red Sparrow to beat out Death Wish for second place.

1. Black Panther $61 million – it will have made more than $500 million after its third weekend, that’s incredible.  Look for a final total around $650 million.

2. Red Sparrow $22 million – the reviews have been good, but the competition is tough and the buzz is slow.  With a crowded March, we’re not sure this makes $60 million.

3. Death Wish $14.5 million – keeping with our theme of being unsure about its box office prospects, Death Wish may have a tough road ahead.

4. Game Night $10 million – this eventually may limp to $50 million.

5. Peter Rabbit $8.5 million – the question remains, will Peter have the legs to hop to $100 million?

6. Annihilation $5.5 million – overall a disappointment.

7. Jumanji $3.5 million – will end the 2017 box office year above Guardians 2!

8. 50 Shades Freed $3 million

9. The Greatest Showman $2 million – finishes as a top 20 movie.

10. 15:17 to Paris $1.5 million