Weekend Preview - Avengers Again

by The Commish on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Nothing is going to change at the top of the chart as Avengers 3 should hold on to the top spot for another couple of weeks.  Look for the Overboard remake to finish in second place and A Quiet Place to continue its great run with another podium finish.

1. Avengers 3 $110 million – it will be just above $450 million after 10 days, a super result, expect the drops to continue, but not before it makes $600+ million.

2. Overboard $12.5 million – surprisingly it still doesn’t have reviews, but that won’t matter.  This actually looks somewhat sweet, in that you are using someone to get you ahead kind of way.  May have the legs to make $30 million.

3. A Quiet Place $7 million – it just keeps going and going, the only question is whether it will exceed Get Out.

4. I Feel Pretty $5 million – while the $50 million plateau looks unattainable, still an ok result.

5. Tully $4 million – reviews are great, but as any new parent will tell you, why would I want to see a movie about not getting any sleep, but magically getting a new generation Mary Poppins.

6. Rampage $3.5 million – might not make it to $90 million.

7. Black Panther $3 million – chugging to $700 million.

8. Bad Samaritan $2.5 million – reviews are decent, hopefully it surprises.

9. Blockers $2 million – will it have the legs to make it to $60 million.

10. Ready Player One $1.5 million