Weekend Preview: Avengers!

by The Commish on Thursday, April 26, 2018

The last weekend of April used to be a dumping ground for movies.  In fact, of the new releases over the past five years, only The Other Woman made more than $50 million during its run.  That ends this weekend as The Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters and has a shot at making $50 million on its Thursday night previews.  Look for holdovers A Quiet Place and Rampage to round out the top three spots.

1. Avengers: Infinity War $220 million – armed with a 160-minute run time, an 86 RT score, and the largest assembly of superheroes on screen ever, Avengers 3 looks to take on Star Wars for best opening weekend ever.  While we think it will fall short of the best weekend ever, it will open huge and have decent legs as it storms towards a $600 million total.

2. A Quiet Place $11 million – look for another weekend of double digit box office numbers for this new horror classic.  It will be just under $150 million coming out of its fourth weekend, a superb result for all teams lucky enough to have drafted it.

3. Rampage $10 millionRampage will continue to smash its way to $100 million.

4. I Feel Pretty $9 million – I feel pretty good about this being a solid alternative choice to sold out Avenger shows.

5. Super Troopers 2 $4.5 million – look for an amazing drop as I don’t see this moving make 2X its opener.

6. Ready Player One $4 million – should finish around $140 million.

7. Blockers $3.5 million – should have enough to still reach $60 million for its run.

8. Black Panther $3 million – I’m sure that more than one fanboy will make this a double bill this weekend.

9. Truth or Dare $2.5 million – may still have enough in the tank to scare up enough box office returns to make it to $40 million.

10. Isle of Dogs $2 million – I’m pretty sure if you wanted to see this one, you would’ve done so already.