Weekend Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, May 10, 2018

This weekend will look incredibly similar to last as Avengers 3 will continue to dominate the box office, while two uninspired newcomers fight over second and third spot.  While Avengers will have a superb third weekend, expect it to fall behind Black Panther’s third weekend.  Melissa McCarthy’s latest Life of the Party will finish in second and Breaking In will end up in third.

1. Avengers 3 $58.5 million – Marvel’s latest will be just shy of $550 million after the weekend, with Deadpool on the horizon expect a much steeper drop in the coming weeks, but it has a decent shot to pass $650 million.

2. Life of the Party $20 million – with horrible reviews, McCarthy’s party may not be very well attended.  We don’t expect this one to make $50 million.

3. Breaking In $14 million – we weren’t expecting much at the beginning of the year and nothing has changed.  It won’t make $30 million.

4. Overboard $7 million – on pace for a mid-$30 million final.

5. A Quiet Place $5 million – just keeps going and going.

6. I Feel Pretty $3.5 million – I’m curious whether it will end up higher on the end of year chart than Life of the Party.

7. Rampage $3 million – won’t make $100 million, we’re now questioning how well Skyscraper will do.

8. Tully $2.5 million – a sub-$10 million total is a predictable, yet unacceptable result.

9. Black Panther $2 million – will it be in theaters long enough to claw its way to $700 million?

10. Blockers $1 million – this feels like a bit of a disappointment.