Weekend Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, October 5, 2017

It’s the beginning of October.  Leaves are changing, nights are longer, and a sci-fi movie takes over at the box office.  It seems that every other year a sci-fi movie dominates October.  Four years ago it was Gravity taking in over $270 million, two years ago it was The Martian totalling $228 million and this year will be no different as Blade Runner 2049 will dominate the October box office.  Two other new releases will battle it out for second spot with My Little Pony getting the edge over The Mountain Between Us.

1. Blade Runner 2049 $50 million – while we don’t think Blade Runner will match the $200 million totals of the previous October sci-fi classics, its fantastic RT score of 94 will make it close.  Expect a final total of $175 million for the Denis Villeneuve-helmed movie.

2. My Little Pony $11 million – animated movies continue their downward trend with the ponies.  This one should finish in the $35 million range.

3. The Mountain Between Us $10 million – not sure if The Edge needed a remake, but here we are.  You’ve seen this movie before, it won’t make $30 million.

4. It $9.2 million – It will be sitting around $305 million after the weekend, who saw that coming?

5. American Made $8.3 million – seemed destined for a $45 million finish.

6. Kingsman 2 $8 million – still a chance to hit the $100 million plateau.

7. Ninago $7 million – not sure this hits $60 million anymore.

8. Victoria and Abdul $3.5 million – probably shouldn’t be owned unless it gets a huge award push.

9. Flatliners $3 million – should be dropped in all formats.

10. Battle of the Sexes $2.5 million – will have a problem hitting $20 million.