Weekend Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Several new and expanded releases take on the box office this weekend, but we’re predicting that Kingsman 2 holds serve and remains in the top spot for another week.  Look for It and American Made to battle for second place, with the horror juggernaut grabbing silver.

1. Kingsman 2 $20 million – it should be around $70 million after the weekend; the only question is whether it has the legs to make it to $100.

2. It $18 million – just keeps going and going, we expect it to be around $290 million after this weekend.

3. American Made $17 million – remember when Cruise movies didn’t need good reviews (85 RT) to finish in first place, those days are gone.

4. Ninjago $13 million – bomb!

5. Flatliners $9.5 million – too much choice and not enough star power has the remake DOA.

6. Battle of the Sexes $5.5 million – it will have a very healthy season after expanding.

7. American Assassin $3 million – quietly will finish in the top 85 for the year.

8. Stronger $2.5 million

9. Home Again $1.8 million

10. Til Death Do Us Part $1.7 million