Weekend Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Annabelle Creation hits theaters this weekend and movie studios are hoping that the fourth movie in the Conjuring franchise dominates the late summer box office.  Look for Annabelle to easily grab the top spot with Dunkirk retaining second and The Nut Job 2 finishing out the podium.

1. Annabelle Creation $28 million – with a decent 72 RT score and no immediate competition, this could have better legs than your run-of-the-mill horror, we expect an $80 million total.

2. Dunkirk $11.5 million – slowly, but surely, Dunkirk will break the $200 million plateau.

3. The Nut Job 2 $11 million – with no review score it can only mean one thing, it’s going to be amazing!  Just checking on your sarcasm gauge.

4. The Dark Tower $8.5 million – a decent fall from grace, I’d be worried about its prospects of hitting $70 million.

5. Girls Trip $7 million – it just keeps chugging along and will pass $100 million next week.

6. The Emoji Movie $6.5 million – for some reason, people continue to fill its coffers.

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming $6 million – on it’s way to $325 million.

8. Kidnap $5.5 million – will probably end up making more than The House.

9. Atomic Blonde $4.5 million

10. Detroit $4 million