Weekend Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, August 4, 2016

What the heck is happening?  Reviews for Suicide Squad have been mixed to say the least; it is clear which ones are written by “fanboy” reviewers and which ones are written by professionals.  I can’t remember a movie that has been this polarizing, while being assured of blowing by the $100 million opening weekend plateau.  While the buzz is at an amazingly high level, reviews are suggesting that this will be quite front-loaded, so all owners of Suicide Squad should temper their expectations for box office dominance into the Fall, but it should still make $300 million.  Jason Bourne continues its thrilling ride to $145 million with a second place finish and Bad Moms will squeak into third.

1. Suicide Squad $128 million – I’ll be honest, at this stage, I just want to be entertained.

2. Jason Bourne $24 million – bad news for SS could improve Bourne’s long-term results.

3. Bad Moms $12.5 million – this weekend’s hold is so important, anything higher than this could mean $100 million.

4. Star Trek 3 $12 million – I guess Fast and Furious directors shouldn’t helm Star Trek movies.

5. The Secret Life of Pets $11 million – will it pass Zootopia, that’s the question.

6. Nine Lives $8.5 million – speaking of talking cat movies…

7. Ice Age 5 $6 million – one of the growing list of disappointments this summer.

8. Ghostbusters $5.5 million – still tracking for $130 million.

9. Lights Out $5 million – a nice little surprise for the right price.

10. Nerve $4.5 million – it’s making more than I thought it would, that counts for something.