Top 20 - Summer 2017

by The Commish on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What’s the old saying, it’s never too early to look at next year.  With that in mind, for this month’s top 20 we’re going to look at what should be the top movies for the summer of 2017.  Right now these movies are all scheduled to be released next summer, will that happen; probably not all of them, but here’s your Way Too Early Look at the Summer of 2017.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (May 5) – the surprise hit of 2014 gets the sequel treatment and the coveted opening weekend of May slot.  It has all the traits of a hit movie, so it should easily win the summer.  Look for a total in the $400 million range.

2. Despicable Me 3 (June 30) – just book it for $350 million.  My prediction is that besides Star Wars this movie will be this highest bid movie in most movie drafts early in the New Year.  About as sure a thing as there can be.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7) – while the last couple of Spideys have been disappointing at the box office, expect the movie to the Marvel Universe to benefit at the box office for our web slinger.  Add in the Iron Man co-star and be very confident this makes a minimum of $300 million.

4. Wonder Woman (June 2) – this is where it gets a little more risky.  There is such good buzz for this movie and a segment of the population, who are chomping at the bit to get it into the theater, but DC’s track record has been less than stellar, it should make $200 million, but visions of $300+ million should be tempered. 

5. Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23) – I actually had to look up which number of Transformers movie this one was and I was right, its number 5.  Either way, I’m not buying it, you are welcome to it.  I’d be surprised if it made $200 million. 

6. War of the Planet of the Apes (July 14) – normally I’d be all over this and say $210 million, book it; but with the Spidey competition, this may have issues making it to the $200 million plateau.  I’m thinking we should be happy with a $185 million return on the third Ape movie.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (May 26) – it’s Memorial Day weekend, which means we get either a Pirate movie or an X-Men movie, is it an even or odd year?  Maybe it just seems like that.  Johnny Depp is back as Captain Jack Sparrow and this time he has the bad guy from No Country for Old Men chasing him around the oceans like its West Texas.  Look for $180 million.

8. Cars 3 (June 16) – sure hard to bet against Pixar, but will this make it to theaters next year?  And more importantly, will it be able to wash off the stink of Cars 2.  Let’s put down a low $175 million.

9. Dunkirk (July 21) – Nolan plus World War II could be a magical thing.  But after the box office disappointment of Interstellar (can $188 million be a disappointment?) and the fact that there are no stars attached to Dunkirk, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.  Let someone else bid on it and enjoy its $170 million.

10. Kingsman: the Golden Circle (June 16) – Oh I’m excited about this one, and then they add Channing and I’m like, really super excited.  If you are looking for good value, look no further Flickomites.  The first Kingsman made $128 million, this one should flirt with $200 million, but I’m going to put down a more cautious $165 million.

11. World War Z (June 9) – loved, the first one, but I can’t see this making the June date.  If it comes out $200 million, if not, well don’t draft it.

12. The Mummy (June 9) – remakes I don’t like, remakes with Tom Cruise, I like slightly more.  $145 million.

13. Jumanji (July 28)Central Intelligence made $127 million, add $10 million for Jack Black and you’ve got $137million, simple math people.

14. Alien: Covenant (August 4) – I love the Alien movies, but let’s be honest, it’s not like they make huge cash.  But that doesn’t stop us from overbidding on them.  A hopeful $110 million for Alien 6 or 8, not sure at this stage.

15. Life (May 26) – is there life on Mars, yes!  About $100 million box office life.

16. Baywatch (May 19) – is this movie just an excuse to watch Zac and the Rock slow motion run on the beach?  Who cares, $95 million!

17. The Emoji Movie (August 11) – of for Pete’s sake, this will do roughly what the Dragon did, look for $80 million.

18. Annabelle 2 (May 19) – every year there’s a horror movie that makes the top 20, some years there are two or three, but the Annabelle sequel gets the nod in 2017.  Expect a nice $75-80 million return for horror fans.

19. Rock that Body (June 23) – everyone loves comedies, especially ones with some legit hilarious actors.  This could surprise, but right now we have it at $75 million.

20. The House (June 30) – a dad opens an illegal casino in his basement to make some money.  Sounds hilarious $70 million.