September Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, September 7, 2017

1. It – Buzz has grown and grown and grown.  The only question that remains is whether it will make $200 million for it’s run.  It will be close, but this is the movie to beat this month.  $195 million

2. Ninjago – After a ho-hum summer at the animated box office, we sure hope that the new LEGO movie breaks the trend.  Expect great returns for a September release.  We’re predicting a $135 million total.

3. Kingsman – We’ll see if the move from an original Summer release pays off.  We think it falls just short of the original total. $110 million

4. American Made – Once you pass the top three spots, it becomes a bit dicier.  We’re going with the Tom Cruise American Made as our number four movie.  Look for a $50 million final.

5. American Assassin – There’s a chance that It just swallows all new releases for a couple of weeks and this and Mother! are the two that could be the most in trouble. $38 million

6. mother! – Does anyone have a clue what is happening in this movie?  Us neither.  $34 million

7. Flatliners – The remake is far enough away from It, that it should do OK.  $33 million

8. Home Again – Reese used to be a slam dunk in the Fall, now, not so much. $31 million

9. Battle of the Sexes - $21 million

10. Friend Request - $8 million