October Preview

by The Commish on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

There are 16 new releases hitting theaters in October, but it only comes down to one movie. 

1. Blade Runner 2049 – at the beginning of the year we thought that this would make around $100 million.  But with an amazing 97 RT score, we’re willing to overlook the 165-minute run time.  While we don’t see it matching previous sci-fi classics as The Martian and Gravity, it certainly looks like a lock to best Villeneuve’s Arrival.  Look for a final around $150 million.

2. Boo 2 – and now the box office drops off.  Madea is back and so are the laughs in the quickly made sequel to Boo.  Look for laughs and a final tally of $65 million.

3. Happy Death Day – could break out, could fall flat, but with a PG-13 rating and a short run time, this could be a sleeper, $50 million.

4. Only the Brave – Smoke Jumpers $45 million!

5. Suburbicon – great acting will be on display, but the story might be a tad bit odd for the public, we’ve tempted our expectations.  $35 million.

6. Jigsaw – the Saw franchise is back, didn’t work for the Ring or Scream franchises, not sure why this will be any different, look for a $32 million total.

7. The Snowman – looks creepy, dark, but good.  $30 million.

8. Geostorm – looks pretty awful, $29 million.

9. My Little Pony – animated movies are taking it on the chin, not sure the Ponies will right that ship.  $25 million.

10. The Mountain Between Us - $22 million.