May Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, May 3, 2018

May usually marks the beginning of the summer season, but with Avengers 3 kicking ass and taking names in the last weekend of April, the May preview is slightly less impressive.  But don’t worry Flickamo players, there are still plenty of movies to get excited about, including two that teams drafted early and will either make or break those teams’ box office years.

1. Han Solo – smart money is on the Star Wars prequel to lead the month.  The initial buzz was troubling, but with Ron Howard to the rescue and excellent recent trailers, we’re thinking this is a sure thing to make $400 million and take the top spot. 

2. Deadpool 2 – with the top spot spoken for, it will be interesting to see what the merc with a mouth can do.  With a then-record February, the original Deadpool caught everyone by surprise.  This month he’s dealing with not just Star Wars, but the Avengers juggernaut.  We don’t think it will match the original’s numbers; but will open huge and still make $300 million.

3. Life of the Party – it just makes me think about Back to School, the Rodney Dangerfield movie from the 80s, which is certainly a good thing.  If this is half as funny as Rodney, we’ll be in for a good time.  Look for $60 million.

4. Breaking In – something looks right about this reverse Panic Room.  Just looks good.  Expect a $40 million total.

5. Book Club – there is a real chance for this to strike a cord with an older demographic and perform quite well, but we’re tempering our expectations and think that $35 million is the amount here.

6. Overboard – another remake of a classic 80s movie, this time with a gender swap.  $30 million!

7. Showdogs – ugh! $20 million.

8. Tully – it will be great, unfortunately nobody will come, $15 million.

9. Bad Samaritan – the trailer is superbly creepy, unfortunately not enough stars, screens, and buzz to make a difference, $10 million.

10. First Reformed – Faith-based drama about a pastor dealing with the death of his son, sounds delightful, expect $5 million.