March Preview

by The Commish on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

After an incredible February where Black Panther basically doubled expectations, Flickamo players who have invested in March movies (especially those at the beginning of the month) must be concerned about their movies falling victim to Marvel’s latest sensation.  Let’s look at March’s top 10.

1. Ready Player One – it’s a beloved book, being adapted by a beloved director.  It also will be 7 weeks clear for Black Panther.  Look for RP1 to have a nice opening around $60 million and bring in just shy of $200 million at the box office.

2. A Wrinkle in Time – it was once considered a sure-thing, unfortunately the buzz has been surprisingly low.  There’s a real chance this pulls a Tomorrowland on us, critically loved, but ignored.  Right now, our predictions have it opening to $35 million and ending with a $125 million total.

3. Tomb Raider – look for a decent amount of business for Tomb Raider.  Expect and be happy with a $75 million total.

4. Red Sparrow – Too much Black Panther, too much accents, not enough Katniss, $60 million total.

5. Pacific Rim 2 – this movie is so hard to gauge.  There just doesn’t seem to be any appeal for this sequel, but I’ve been wrong before, look for a $57 million total.

6. Sherlock Gnomes – the voice star power is there and if AWIT falters, this could definitely make some noise with families, but we’re still predicting a $50 million total.

7. Paul, Apostle – if you took a chance on one religious movie this year, this is the one.  Look for a $45 million total.

8. Acrimony – a woman’s scorn, look for a $40 million total.

9. Love, Simon – really want this to be successful, hoping that it is, but only expecting $36 million.

10. Death Wish – unfortunately the vigilante remake may fall victim to Black Panther, we’re only expecting a $33 million total.