He Said / He Said: Man of Steel and Other Trailers

by The Commish on Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Commish:  It’s been a while since we had a HS/HS and the new Man of Steel trailer came out on Tuesday.  So this is definitely a time for Bunzi and me to get our geek ON and talk trailers. 

Bunzi – what did you think?  Are you all-in on Superman being a drifter after he’s scolded for saving kids when he was younger?  Are you ready to throw your support behind Zack Snyder?  Are you ready to bow before Zod!  Let me into your brain!

Bunzi:  Guy!

My 2013 rankings have been up for a couple of weeks already, and it is no accident that I had Superman as the number one movie of the summer.  As such, my prediction was that this will be the highest grossing movie of 2013, and I think I’m right.  Seriously, just ask me.  

Here’s why – The secret is out.  Christopher Nolan is very good at what he does, just ask Warner Brothers how they feel about The Dark Knight series, or for that matter even Inception.  Sure there’s another secret that was worrisome to WB, and that is that Zack Snyder who directed the movie, is a hack.  However he is a hack that can make things look good, in fact very good especially when it comes to scenes of battle and destruction! 

So here’s what the studio did.  They put these two guys together – the master to hold the reins on the ambitious artist, and give us a Superman movie that every superhero fan deserves.  Have no doubts about it, this will not be another Green Lantern mistake.  This will give us the final piece of the Justice League, and put DC right back in the battle against Marvel!  This finally will be Superman reborn.

How’s that for poking around the mind of Bunzi?

The Commish:  So I guess you’ve put some thought into it.  I was surprised by how good the trailer was, so good on you Bunzi.  That would explain the used Kleenexes scattered around your desk.

While I don’t think we should be polishing our trophies yet with Man of Steel cream, I thought the music they used in the trailer was superb, the visuals meant something.  The trailer is just a great piece of marketing.  I do agree with you that if this works, DC is in the game with another pony to take up Batman’s race.

Bunzi:  Before we leave the most famous man in tights, I do have one slight concern about the trailer itself.  And that is – it might be too good!  Remember the Watchmen trailer that came out a few years back, with the slow motion fight and bodies flying through broken glass?  Yeah, that was another Zack Snyder film that had me all tingly after watching the preview.  The trailer was so good that the movie could only disappoint – BINGO!  Watchmen bored me to tears.  Same is true for the Christian Bale Terminator reboot, and the third Pirates of the Caribbean installment.  When a trailer deserves an Oscar, the movie often doesn’t!

Don’t do this to us Snyder…

The Commish:  Don’t get me started about trailers that deserve Oscars – remember this beauty.   After seeing that trailer for Pearl Harbor, I stood up in the theatre and said 12 Oscars and $400 million!  But, um no...

There were two other very interesting trailers released this past week, what do you think about Oblivion and After Earth.  They both seem to have similar plots, but while Tom Cruise looks like he’s fighting Morgan Freeman doing Deacon from Waterworld, the Smith boys are fighting animals.  As you know, I’m a huge fan of When Animals Attack, so I give the edge to... I can’t believe I’m saying this M. Night and all of a sudden, I’m pretty excited about After Earth

Bunzi:  Regarding Oblivion and After Earth, I’m mixed.  I feel like both movies are really trying, but I can’t help but feel Cloud Atlasy when I watch Oblivion, and Journey to the Centre of the Earthy when I watch After Earth.  This is like getting a bottle of wine for Christmas and then having a dinner party for New Years, but you are too busy to get to the liquor store.  You just put the wine into a different package, present it with a smile and hope nobody will notice.  I’m not sure we have hits on our hands here, though the unknown for me is Jaden Smith.  How bright is his star?  I don’t think the old man has anything left, do you?

The Commish:  Will Smith is an interesting actor.  He literally had the box office by the short and curlies and then by taking time off, he became an after-thought.  Yes MIB3 did $175 million, but adjusted number 2 did $260.  And I’m just not ready to bet on him at the box office without some sort of “show me the money!” change. 

I’m very curious about Jaden.  But we need a new Karate Kid soon.  I’m shocked that they didn’t get that out by now. Seemed like an immediate slam dunk.  All that being said, I will not judge Will and Jada’s parenting style.  They both seem like they’ve got it together and any interviews I’ve seen with Jaden he’s been perfect, so good for them.  I hope he’s a star; I’d love to see them turn into the Douglases.  Couldn’t you see Will Smith married to Selema Gomez in 2025?

Also you should know that I never re-gift wine.  The Commish has a fully stocked fridge in the basement.  But if someone does give me a crappy bottle, I just open it on Sunday night and serve it to you turkeys.

Okay let’s wrap this up.  One last thing.  What’s your guess on The Hobbit?  

Bunzi:  I’ve said this to you before, and I wrote about it here on Flickamo.  I see an underperforming movie in The Hobbit

Peter Jackson is a master, and what he did with the Lord of the Rings trilogy is nothing short of brilliant, but aren’t we done with Mordor?  Songs have been written, fan boys were born and grew up, box office dollars have been collected, what else is left here?  Well Peter Jackson is trying out some new technology, which surely is going to look incredible on the big screen, but the more I look at the trailer the more I see people playing goofy in silly costumes than I do a magical land of wizards and dwarfs.  I’m just not sure about this one brother. 

My guess for its first weekend has always been between $70-80 and I say there’s no way the little guy opens to $100.  Is there??

The Commish:  I’ve always thought that if they made The Hobbit first, there would be no Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  The story is boring and at this point who cares. 

I see big interest on the first weekend, and it opening just shy of $100 million, but I don’t think $300 million is a guarantee and I’m sure that $400 million is officially “off the table”.

And that’s what he said!

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