February Preview

by The Commish on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Two years after Deadpool did we really think we were looking at something to challenge it for the top spot for February, well here we are and here comes Black Panther.  The high-water mark is $363 million.  At first blush there is no way the Panther can tackle its Marvel counterpart, but with excellent reviews and Marvel riding at an all-time high, we’ll have to see….
1. Black Panther – looks to win the month pretty easily.  The buzz coming out of the premiere is at a through the roof, while we don’t think it will match Deadpool, expect a total around $320 million.
2. Fifty Shades Freed – anyone who is drafting this movie is hoping for past glory, which we don’t see happening, we’re not thinking it breaks $100, look for a total around $95 million.
3. Peter Rabbit – the crazy thing about this time of year is that “buzz” movies can turn to poop pretty quickly, and unfortunately that’s what’s happened here.  $79 million.
4. Game Night – this is the classic “I want this to do so much better, than it will actually do” release.  It’s prefect on paper, but I’m really hesitant about it’s actual prospects, I hope I’m wrong, but I think we’re looking at a $50 million total.
5. The 15:17 to Paris – this is the classic eff you from Clint.  Is it making $100 million are half that.  We’re betting on half that, but you never know.
6. Annihilation – so here’s the issue, what does a Netflix release date mean for an actual theatrical release, well we’re about to find out.  With a streaming release a could weeks after it hits the theaters, this may be the measuring stone for future movies.
7. Winchester – I was never a believer, I’m less so now, be happy with $30 million.
8. Every Day – if I was betting on a sleeper for February, this is it, look for a total around $22 million. 
9. Early Man – let’s just say If you have either of the next two movies on your rosters, please drop them.
10. Samson – please see above.