December Preview

by The Commish on Thursday, November 30, 2017

December is loaded with box office potential.  It all starts with the latest Star Wars episode, but there is comedy, family, and award options throughout the month.  Here is Flickamo’s top 10 for December.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – while we don’t think it will match Episode 7, it definitely has the potential to have a $200 million opening and perform throughout the holidays.  Look for a final of $$770 million.

2. Jumanji – while reboots often fall flat, this one has the Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black.  Initial reviews have been positive, a final of $150 is expected.

3. Ferdinand – will a beloved story of a little bull who grows up kind stand up to the Last Jedi, we’re betting yes.  With John Cena in the mix and little competition, expect Ferdinand to crack $130 million.

4. Pitch Perfect 3 – the Bellas have one more kick at the box office can, look for a $125 million result.

5. The Greatest Showman – this is probably the hardest to predict.  The trailers make it look like an Oscar darling, but with no reviews, we’re hedging our bets and predicting an $80 million total,

6. The Post – it has everything you want in an Oscar winner, huge stars, topical, and Spielberg. Opening on Christmas and expanding in January, this could be a slow burn that exceeds our $75 million prediction.

7. Downsizing – looks great, our $65 million prediction is probably a little low.

8. Father Figures – may get lost with all the options, $40 million.

9. All the Money in the World – Ridley Scott’s late addition to the schedule could make some noise, but we are hedging and only predicting a $35 million finish.

10. The Shape of Water $30 million