August Preview

by The Commish on Monday, July 31, 2017

July was significantly better at the movies than the previous two months.  With Spider-Man, Dunkirk and Apes all doing as expected, being quality entertainment was a bonus.  But here comes August, and I can’t remember an August looking as grim as this one.  It’s so bad at the box office that we are predicting that no releases hit the $100 million plateau.  You’d have to go back to 2000 for an August that didn’t give us at least one “blockbuster”.  Here’s Flickamo’s top 10 for August.

1. The Dark Tower $85 million – we have high hopes due to the built-in audience, excellent actors attached, and cool trailers… the box office seems to be in flux right now and I don’t see it breaking out.

2. Annabelle 2 $66 million – it seems like the right time for a horror movie to break out, hopefully this fits the bill.

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard $53 million – looks fun, but looks can be deceiving.

4. Logan Lucky $42 million – it has the star power, hopefully that translates to a box office win.

5. The Nut Job 2 $34 million – in a season of animated movies underperforming, look for this sequel to fall short of its original.

6. Leap $15 million – that goes double for this one.

7. Wind River $14 million – it will slowly creep up the August chart.

8. All Saints $12 million – its time for another Christian movie to do moderately well at the box office.

9. Kidnap $11 million – wow

10. Birth of a Dragon $5 million