April Preview

by The Commish on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

1. Avengers: Infinity War – Marvel is out for another record at the latest Avengers adventure looks to beat the previous April record by a couple hundred million.  At a staggering 156 minutes, it certainly has the length to touch on all the characters, we just hope it doesn’t lose the plot.  It will open to more than $200 million and looks destined for $550 million.

2. A Quiet Place – going way out on a limb here, but with all the buzz coming out of SXSW, the 100 RT score, and a favorable PG-13 rating, this one could quietly creep to $100 million and beyond.  One of those movies that grew and grew after you drafted it, so hopefully you did just that.

3. Rampage – betting against the Rock isn’t necessarily a smart thing, but despite the cuteness of George and the success of Jumanji, we think this will fall short of the $100 million plateau.

4. I Feel Pretty – Amy is back and hopefully funnier than ever.  This looks like a case of superb counter-programing.  Look for a $65 million total.

5. Blockers – the first comedy released in April will have a decent run, expect a $55 million total.

6. Truth or Dare – there’s a chance this get passed over because of A Quiet Place, so we’ve tempered our expectation to $35 million.

7. Traffik – here’s where the list gets significantly hazier. It might break $25 million.

8. Super Troopers 2 – it’s been too long for this to matter and a total less than $20 million looks probable.

9. A Miracle Season – not sure about the interest for high school volleyball.

10. Chappaquiddick – something had to come in 10th.