2018 Rankings

by The Commish on Friday, November 17, 2017

Every month we rank the top 75 movies by season.  The box office year is a moving target, so make sure to read this column every month to find out how your movies rank, and what movies you should be targeting on the waiver wire.

1. Black Panther – the entire office is super excited about Marvel’s newest superhero.  Draft this one with confidence and while we aren’t putting it in competition with the top 4 of the summer, a final result of $300+ million shouldn’t surprise anyone.
2. A Wrinkle in Time – a new rule that is coming into play for the box office year is, don’t bet against Disney in March. 
3. Ready Player One – do you realize it will be almost 10 years since Spielberg’s last $100 million non-President-based movie, draft with caution.
4. New Mutants – another Marvel movie, another box office winner, hopefully this is the shot in the are that the X-Men needed.
5. Peter Rabbit – looks fun and has a super cast.
6. Rampage – trailer is out and this looks like lots of fun.
7. 50 Shades Freed – looks like a $100 million movie to me.
8. Tomb Raider – seems a little rushed, but let’s hope for the best.
9. Pacific Rim 2 – hopefully it builds on the first one.
10. Red Sparrow – I’m staying away from this one.
11. Cloverfield 3 – this one looks like a winner!
12. 15:37 to Paris – do NOT overlook this movie.
13. Maze Runner 3 – it’s been too long, but should still flirt with $70 million.
14. Paddington 2 – now that it has a distributer, should do nicely.
15. Blockers – should be raunchy and super fun.
16. Insidious 4 – horror franchise is worth a late round flier.
17. Annihilation – love the premise, hopefully it lives up to expectations.
18. Alpha – every couple of years there’s a prehistoric movie… and they usually fail.
19. Sherlock Gnomes – this could become a surprise hit.
20. Acrimony – Tyler Perry, enough said.
21. Paul, Apostle – Easter, Christian, winner!
22. Action Point – I have a feeling this will be on most of my teams this year.
23. Game Night – first trailer was good, but definitely had a Fist Fight feel.
24. Winchester – horror movie with a twist, I’m very interested.
25. Den of Thieves – I can’t quit you Gerard!

1. Avengers 3 – this is probably the number 1 movie for 2018 and I can’t see a reason to not draft it as such.
2. Jurassic World – we expect a down turn for JW2, so expect a final around $500 million, still outstanding.
3. Solo – next summer is crazy loaded.  We have a Star Wars movie at number 3!
4. Incredibles 2 – Pixar’s summer release could perform like TS3.
5. Deadpool 2 – probably the riskiest overspend of the year in 2018.
6. Ant Man 2 – tough to bet against Marvel.
7. Mission Impossible 6 – could possibly be picked up ‘cheaply’ with all the other movies next summer.
8. Ocean’s 8 – I expect this to have a superb run.
9. Hotel Transylvania 3 – should be an excellent pick-up
10. Mamma Mia 2 – sure it’s been years since the last one, but there’s something about it that screams huge.
11. Alita – could be the break-out hit of the summer.
12. Skyscraper – hoping for a remake of Towering Inferno.
13. Predator – another attempt to rebook the franchise.
14. Equalizer 2 – could be that late summer hit.
15. Christopher Robin – or this could be that late summer hit.
16. Teen Titans – kids love it, but I’ve got a little Emojitis.
17. The Spy Who Dumped Me – needs to be picked up, but not a sure thing.
18. Barbie – not sure if it gets released in time.
19. Nasty Women – could be just what the audiences ordered come next August.
20. A Star is Born – shouldn’t this have come out years ago with this cast.  Hoping for the best.
21. Purge 4 – every Purge movie has bettered the last.
22. Uncle Drew – should get tons of press next NBA playoffs.
23. Happytime Murders – very intrigued.
24. Tag – love the premise.
25. The Meg – years in the making, should be able to build on the recent low-budget shark phenomenon.

1. Wreck it Ralph – if you want to own one movie next fall, we’re betting this is it.
2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 – Harry’s world alert.
3. Aquaman – just not sure of the DC universe direction.
4. Mary Poppins Returns – yes
5. X-Men: Dark Phoenix – wary of the X-Men franchise.
6. Venom – not sure if this is a hit.
7. Grinch – quietly could be the biggest movie next Fall.
8. Bumblebee – oh great another Transformers movie.
9. Nutcracker – in a pinch, take the Christmas movie.
10. Smallfoot – could come out of nowhere and finish in the top 5.
11. Animated Spider-Man – not sure.
12. Holmes & Watson – comedy…
13. Mortal Engines – someone will outbid you, but worth an opening auction.
14. Night School – looking forward to this one.
15. Robin Hood – every 10 years they try and re-boot this franchise, good luck this time.
16. House with Clocks on the Wall – sure
17. Creed 2 – should preform
18. First Man – another animated movie.
19. Girl in the Spider Web – I’m staying away from this one.
20. Overlord – this one I’m big on.
21. Goosebumps 2 – with no Jack Black?
22. Jungle Book Origins – pass.
23. Widows – not sure.
24. The Women of Marwen – could be a decent hit next Thanksgiving.
25. The Kid Who Would be King – well something had to be 25.