2017 Best Of

by The Commish on Friday, December 29, 2017

It’s the end of the year which means its time for ‘Best Of’ lists.  Here is a list of movies that probably helped you win your pool if you were lucky enough to pick them.

10. Daddy’s Home 2 – it’s always great when a sequel to a hit gets added to the schedule after the start of the year, especially if you have the top waiver pick in your league.  Daddy’s Home got added to the schedule in mid-Winter and ended up making $105 million for some lucky teams.

9. Annabelle 2 – part of the Conjuring franchise, nobody expected it to match Conjuring 2 at the box office.  The lesson remains, don’t miss the end of the summer horror movie, it also means, pick The Nun coming out in July 2018.

8. Baby Driver – a sleeper that kept growing after it was released, by the end of the summer it was a top 10 summer movie.

7. Wonder – originally scheduled to come out in Spring, it got pushed back to November and the best-seller turned into a must-see movie this holiday season.  It may pass Transformers 5 for the year.

6. Wonder Woman – it was a big-ticket item, but it went from being a top five pick in the summer to being THE pick of the summer.  With over $400 million in its coffers, it set the foundation for many box office league wins.

5. Girls Trip – an after thought movie that was not in the top 25 for the summer, it ended with $115 million and helped win many summer leagues.

4. Split – officially a super sleeper pick.  We originally had this pegged at $50 million, but it ended at $138 million.  Great pick for the right price.

3. Jumanji – the remake always had promise, but it now looks like it will be a $225 million hit.  Very lucky for any team that picked it up early.

2. Get Out – We originally had it valued at $48 million, but it turned into one of the great movies of 2017.  With a final run of $175 million, only something really special could keep it out of the top spot.

1. It – and here is something special.  It ended up being the second biggest movie of the Fall season and beat out Thor, Justice League and Coco.  With a final tally of $327 million, It is our pick for best of 2017.