2012 Under the Radar

by The Commish on Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello kiddies:

The Commish here with my list of movies that I think are undervalued and will provide great returns for your bidding dollars.  In an auction draft wait on these movies, in a snake draft, take them a little early.

Here we go!

1. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (August 15):  I love to start off with a real long shot – makes me feel like a big man.  So TOLOTG is a feel good Disney movie released at the end of the summer.  The trailer was launched almost a year before the release date.  If you’ve missed it – please check it out.  This movie has everything it should: a couple in love who can’t conceive – check; prayers being answered – check; heart-felt music – check.  I expect this to flirt with $100 million.  Right now it’s ranked as the 102 movie in 2012; but take it at least two rounds earlier.  It will be a steal at less than $5.

2. Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1):  I’ve written about this movie before.  Everyone who reads these columns knows that I think this is a huge potential film.  Let me repeat it one last time.  I’m a big believer in this movie.  It’s everything the Julia Roberts Snow White isn’t.  It’s dark.  It’s action.  It’s got hot stars in it.  It looks amazing.  I look for $200 million when it’s all said and done.  Right now on Flickamo, it’s ranked as the number 17 movie.  I think it has a great shot of making the top 10.

3. Titanic 3D (April 6)
4. Star Wars 3D (February 10):  Okay so Titanic is the number 2 movie of all time ($600 million).  Phantom Menace is the number 7 movie ($431 million).  Shouldn’t both movies bring in lots of money?  Right now both of these movies are ranking in the high 40s, so in a 10 team league, they would be taken late in the fourth round.  Don’t you think that these movies will both make $100 million?  There have been only 27 movies in 2011 that passed the $100 million mark (a couple more will cross that barrier) and 30 did it in 2010.  Shouldn’t these movies be taken in the third round at least?  I think so.  Not sexy picks, but these are smart choices that could win your pool for you.

5. The Vow (February 10):  Every year there’s one movie that comes out around Valentine’s Day and does more that we think it should.  Kiddies – this is that movie.  It is basically the Notebook 2.0.  Rachel McAdams loses her memory a couple months after being married and Channing Tatum spends the next 90 minutes trying to make her remember why she fell in love with him.  Do you have a heart people?  This movie is the one every couple will see that weekend.  Every couple!  Okay the fan boy and girl couples will run off to see Phantom Menace 3D, but all other couples are going to be at this movie.  Right now it’s ranking in the mid-60s, but should be taken in the fifth round.

6. Argo (September 14): Sure it’s a drama about the Iran hostage crisis, but it’s Ben Affleck and right now he’s turned himself into one of those great actor/directors.  He’s basically Robert Redford 2.0.  This will be his third movie after Gone Baby Gone and The Town.  Right now it’s ranked in the mid-70s.  I think the potential is too great for this movie.  There’s always one drama we forget to draft.  Don’t let this be the one. 

7. Red Dawn (November 2): Finally, Red Dawn gets released.  As a kid I loved the original.  Swayze, Sheen, Thompson, Grey, Howell, Wolverines!  I know that it’s sacrelidge, but there’s a chance this cast out-performs the originals.  It’s been in the can for two years.  Right now it’s ranked in the low 70s on Flickamo, but I think it’s just too much upside for this movie.  I’m buying it a couple rounds earlier.

8. Joyful Noise (January 13): I have a rule – don’t pick movies in January.  But I think that this movie will prove me wrong.  This will be the first feel good movie released in 2012 and I think people will definitely come out for it.  Right now we’ve got Joyful Noise ranked 102 on the Flickamo list.  The 102 movie of 2011 was Our Idiot Brother at $24.8 million.  I’m quite confident that this doubles that and is a legit top 65 pick that you could get in the eighth round.

9. Cloud Atlas (TBD): Yes it doesn’t have a date yet, but it has completed principle photography.  It is directed by the Wachowskis and it stars Tom Hanks and Halley Berry.  The movies strings together six stories.  Don’t talk about this movie.  It will be released in 2012 and you might be able to get a $100 million movie for very cheap in your draft.

10. Fun Size (October 12): Life stinks when you lose your little brother on Halloween.  What I’ve read about this is it’s a cross between Superbad and Adventures in Babysitting (funny, that’s what I thought they were trying for with The Sitter).  Either way, this is a very easy last pick of your draft.  There is no buzz, it stars little known actors – with apologies to Johnny and Chelsea.  But the premise is just too perfect.  Plus I don’t think anyone else will pick it. 

So there you have it kids.  The Commish’s Under the Radar column.  Am I missing anything, you can comment on my column or send me questions at thecommish@flickamo.com.